The Service Contractor’s Guide to Client Communication in 2022

Online messaging, emails, and also various other Internet-based communication may be preferred, but when it comes to reliability and comfort, text messaging is still king.

Research shows that almost 90% of all text messages sent are typically read within three minutes of being received.

For tradespeople as well as service-based businesses, like roofing contractors, landscapers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, as well as others, texting is most likely the most reliable means of communicating with consumers. Making use of sms software, a CRM, or leadgen platform, just like the one offered by Two Labs LeadGen, supports the study that suggests around 85% of customers prefer sms as opposed to e-mails or phone calls.

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How to use mobile devices and web automations in your service business to increase your chances of landing a new client

There are other means of getting in touch with customers, of course, yet what these stats show is that message messaging can be a very helpful tool in promoting your service. It’s also an efficient tool for connecting not just with consumers however with workers, also. Having a message messaging solution can demonstrate to your clients not just your ability yet likewise the level of your professionalism and trust.

Below are ways you can make use of organization-wide automations and sms to increase revenues by never missing a call from a lead:

SMS isn’t restricted to phones

Business texting isn’t like personal texting where only a single device, like a smartphone, is used. Your messages turn up as a regular message discussion on your client’s smart phone, however you can send messages from any mobile phone, tablet, or computer; and so can any of your authorized employees. If you’re busy, the message routes to an available employee, or if no one is available, the system will auto-respond via sms, automated voicemail, or both immediately after the inbound call is missed.

Considering that the application or software application is set up on a tablet, phone, or computer system, you don’t need to change devices to stay on top of various discussions with different customers. You can use whichever tool is the most practical for you.

Appointment Reminders

You can remind customers about appointments and inform them about your scheduled meeting. An advanced warning about a visit to a client is essential so that the client can prepare accordingly and be ready for your arrival, making job completion much easier in most cases. Your team can also let clients know when they’re on their way or if they’re running late to a job.

You also have the option of sending customized messages to leads or clients to remind them of the appointment; a tactic that has been proven to significantly decrease the number of missed appointments and no-shows. New leads and clients can self-book appointments when you or your team have availability.

With the platform synced to a combined or shared calendar, you’ll never run the risk of double booking or having the embarrassing conversation of asking someone who just selected an appointment time that showed as available to reschedule because of a system error.

What all this means is that you and your team will be spending more time doing actual work instead of spending time coordinating and sorting out miscommunications.

Greet and upsell new leads through custom automations

Don’t waste the opportunity in a confirmation message just to confirm the appointment, use the time when the lead is warm to upsell or reinforce your offering by providing them with additional “free” information or service offering.

Entice repeat customers and warm up cold leads

How many leads have you lost just because you simply didn’t follow up with them enough after their initial contact? How many of them do you think you could convert 6 or 8 months from now when they might be ready to buy or perhaps received poor service from your competitor?

Enter the cold lead blast. Once someone is in our leadgen platform they go through a series of campaign automations. For the first 14 days they will typically receive a number of sms and/or email communications from you (timing can be shorter or longer based on your industry and how you work). Once the lead gets “cold” it can be automatically tagged as a “cold lead” and once a set period of time passes, the automation will reach back out to see if they are ready to buy/meet/etc.

Remember, text messages have an open rate of almost 98%, so your text message will almost certainly be read. For emails, it’s only 20%. Additionally, it takes people, on average, just 90 seconds to respond to a text message so chances are you will get some sort of response, even if it is a “no”.

Effective team communication

For a company with workers that are commonly out in the field, message messaging is still the most trusted kind of interaction. A message can constantly reach them. Texting is particularly helpful when there’s been a cancellation, and also you have to educate your team instantly and also divert them somewhere else. It is additionally efficient in scenarios where, probably, among your workers can’t make it, and you need to locate a substitute promptly.


With the proliferation of Internet-based instant messaging services, SMS or text messaging is proven to be the most reliable and most effective. What’s more, mobile communications are still expanding. It’s also an effective marketing tool. Clients almost always read their text messages and reply promptly, unlike with other forms of electronic communications. 

For trade businesses that have workers out in the field, a reliable form of communication is crucial. That’s why a tool like a leadgen / communication automation platform is not just a luxury but a necessity.

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