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Improve your visibility exactly where your clients are looking* with Maryland's leader in SEO and GMB optimization.

* Psst….Its your Google My Business profile. Are you struggling getting it to rank? We can help.

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.* Find out how our Local SEO Services can get your business ranking on the first page and in the Google Map Pack.


Affordable agency level seo solutions for small business.

Most agencies want you to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on their grand plans to identify the things you probably already know about your company. They’ll send you a bloated proposal that will either waste your money or that you simply don’t have the seo budget for.

On top of that you’ll waste precious time with your local business remaining unranked on Google and other search engines while your competitors attract the leads and convert them to customers.

The worst part is that most times, there are many simple things that can be done to optimize your existing website, Google My Business profile, and even your PPC campaigns that will help you start moving the needle on the vital search rankings your business needs.

A simple web audit and a handful of hours (sometimes days) to address the seo issues can often 10x your roi over that big plan that most agencies want to sell you.

How do I know this?

I worked for those Baltimore agencies for over 20 years. I sat in countless meetings, marketing pitches, and brainstorming sessions, often times discussing things about a clients business that everyone in the room already knew or Google could tell you by performing a few simple searches. I built and managed large-scale seo web design projects for large national brands, local Baltimore area companies, and everything in between.

I have no desire to waste my time or yours. I want to do the seo work you need, efficiently and effectively, to help your business grow.

If you are a small business simply trying to be found, convert leads into clients, and move your bottom line with smart strategic and effective SEO and digital marketing tactics, give us a call. We will be glad to do a free audit and show you how we can help in a way that fits your business.

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What We Do

Proven Digital Marketing by Local SEO Experts.

Our digital marketing experts have put together thousands of successful seo campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, phone calls, and qualified website traffic. They’ll do the same for you. Get ranking today!

Are You Struggling With Google My Business?

Today almost half of all Google searches show local search results. This means getting to the top of the page requires a winning Google My Business profile on top of your seo efforts.

Let us take away the hassle and headache of marketing your website and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Sick of not seeing your business show up on Google? 
Confused by how to get your business listed on Google?
Not sure what to post? When, or how often?

How it Works

Boost Your Online Rankings with Effective Search Engine Optimization Tactics.

More Exposure. More Leads. That is our Purpose. That is Local Search Engine Performance.

Its a simple formula: Higher rankings on Google + Google My Business = More exposure = Increase traffic = More sales.

We’ll help your business appear in search results for location-based searches – when users are in close proximity to the business. For example, we can help a plumber rank for the search query “emergency plumber near me” in searches by nearby users.

With local search engine optimization, we create a strong base for small and medium sized local businesses trying to make a difference in their communities.

When you’re competing at any level with other businesses, it’s not only important to stand out, its vital to know where to stand out!


What Our Clients Say About Our Local SEO Services.

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John S Cornelison Business Manager

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John S Cornelison Business Manager

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    Ready for Your Brand to Be Found Online?

    Grow Your Small Business with our local Maryland SEO Company.

    Lets talk! Click the button below and book a free 15-minute no-pressure conversation when its convenient for you.

    We’ll do a free quick seo & technical audit of your site, GMB (if you have one) and Google local search ranking to uncover areas we can optimize for quick wins for your Maryland seo results.

    On the call we’ll explain how we can help you with search engine optimization and give you a fair and affordable price. We’re a small business too, we get budgets.

    Local SEO Baltimore

    Services We Offer

    SEO Services

    Search engine optimization is a service that has become an essential part of business marketing. A successful SEO service will help your company get the visibility it needs to compete in an overcrowded marketplace. Two Labs LeadGen is the top SEO service in Maryland. For more information on our lead generation services contact us today!

    Google My Business Services

    Business listings are a great way to generate leads. Claiming and posting your business on Google, Yahoo, and Bing is a must for any modern digital marketing campaign. Two Labs LeadGen offers Google My Business promotion as part of our local SEO services. Contact us now!

    wordpress services

    WordPress Services

    WordPress is an online CMS that makes it easy to manage a website. We offer support for small businesses and other clients who need help building or managing a website powered by WordPress. We’ll put together a customized website for you, and manage it on an ongoing basis.

    Lead Automation

    Lead automation is a service we offer to businesses that need help generating and managing leads. We use the latest in sales automation technology to create a lead generation platform that is tailored specifically to your business.

    Page Speed Optimization

    Page speed optimization is a service that increases the load time of your website, which can dramatically increase user engagement. This has become increasingly important as Google uses page load speed as a ranking factor. For more information on-page optimization, contact us today!

    Industries we serve
    Accountants, CPA Firms, Wealth Management Companies
    Fitness / Wellness
    Gyms, Yoga Studios, Spas
    Home & Repair
    Contractors, Electricians, HVAC, Landscaping, Plumbers, Roofing Contractors
    Tourism & Hospitality
    Vacation Rental Properties, Airbnb / Vrbo

    Frequently Ask Questions.

    How Can our Maryland SEO Company Help Your Small Business? Here are some common seo questions our clients ask when getting started with our company.

    SEO is quickly becoming a multi-faceted discipline. There’s Local SEO, National SEO, and International SEO, just to name a few.

    It’s probably best for your business if you contract with a company that specializes in SEO and preferably has clients in your area.

    One of the biggest red flags to be on the watch when hiring an SEO agency is over-promising.

    If someone’s guaranteeing first-page results or twenty new customers in just a few weeks, stop, turn around, and run in the opposite direction. Because in all likelihood, there’s no way they’re going to be able to achieve those results without using black-hat SEO strategies that’ll eventually get your website flagged and penalized by search engines.

    If they don't overpromise, ask them if they have a client who would be willing to talk to you. We do! Just ask us and we'll be happy to share.

    SEO companies average anywhere between $300-2000 per month depending on your niche, how much local competition you have, and how hands-on you need your digital marketing agency to be with local seo services for your Baltimore business.

    The great thing is, once an seo professional builds the proper foundation, you can typically reduce your online advertising budgets. Allowing you to ramp up ad spend when it makes sense for you!

    Local Search Engine Services include:

    • Improved Online Visibility
    • More Relevant Traffic
    • Reduced Ad Costs
    • Local Trust & Authority
    • Content & blog writing for search engine optimization
    • YouTube video optimization 
    • Link building
    • Community Building
    • Web & search engine audits
    • Web design seo
    • Website audience identification
    • Internet marketing
    • Social Media Marketing

    That honestly depends on how well your existing digital properties - website, GMB, etc. - were built and optimized for seo by your web/design company among other factors.

    If that is all done well, you could see moves in the right direction in just a few weeks! Note that we said "moves in the right direction"; even the best foundations take at least 90 days to really climb the rankings. And ranking on a national level requires a considerable level of time and effort beyond local seo services.

    Of course you can do SEO yourself! With a little research and lots of practice, anyone can learn to do effective SEO. 

    But if you're anything like most small business owners, you need to focus on working ON your company's growth, not IN your business.

    Do you really have the bandwidth to not only learn but, on a weekly basis, do graphic design, web development, email marketing, and how to audit search engine rankings using local seo tools.

    You could also watch a few YouTube videos in your spare time and do your own dental work....

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