Elements of a Web Page
– A web page is a structured document.
– The core element of a web page is a text file written in HTML.
– HTML specifies the content of the web page, including hyperlinks.
– Multimedia content like images and videos can be embedded in a web page.
– CSS documents can be included to specify the presentation of content.

– Each web page is identified by a distinct URL.
– When a user inputs a URL, the browser downloads an HTML file from a web server.
– Clicking on a hyperlink repeats the process to load the linked page.
– Browsers have user interface features to indicate the displayed page.

– There are two types of web pages: static and dynamic.
– Static pages are retrieved from the web server’s file system without modification.
– Dynamic pages are created by the server on the fly, typically reading from a database.
– Web pages are commonly created by companies, organizations, and individuals.
– They serve to explain services and activities to Internet users.

Related Concepts
– Single-page application.
– Progressive web application.
– Web Components.

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