SEO Marketing For Home Service Franchises & Multi-Location Businesses

One of the main strategies for successful SEO marketing for home service franchises is creating attractive, informative content. Research shows that 48% of online users judge the credibility of a company by the content they find of the website, and that they expect the site to load within two seconds. In addition to having great content and an attractive design, the website should be SEO optimized to increase the chances of being found by potential customers. The following are some effective strategies for SEO marketing for home service franchises.

Long-tail keywords

In order to increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers, home service franchises should use SEO marketing for home services. These types of keywords are narrowly defined terms that are used to describe what your business does. When people search for a particular term, they are more likely to be interested in your services and make a commitment. In contrast, people who search for more general terms are most likely to be looking for do-it-yourself information or just to do some research. Long-tail keywords can provide enormous results if used correctly.

Once you have your list of long-tail keywords, you need to create supporting content around it. Your supporting content should address specific queries related to the head keyword. Make sure the content links back to the target keyword page in a natural way. It’s also important to make sure your content is optimized for long-tail keywords. By doing so, you’ll be boosting your website’s search engine rankings.

Once you’ve nailed down your niche, you can begin targeting those customers with long-tail keywords. Focus on offering unique benefits and selling points. This way, you’ll reach users who are actually looking for what you’re selling. Besides, the more unique search queries you use, the fewer viewers you’ll get, so focusing on conversions is a better strategy.

To learn how to optimize your content for long-tail keywords, try using a keyword research tool like Answer the Public and Ubersuggest. These tools will give you a list of long-tail keywords and question-based search terms. If you can’t find these phrases, you can enter a competitor’s domain in Ahrefs Site Explorer and see what you can find. By adding long-tail keywords, your home service franchise will get noticed and attract qualified website traffic.

Using long-tail keywords will help your page rank for specific terms with lower competition. These long-tail keywords will also give you better conversion rates. In addition to high-quality links, long-tail keywords will improve your ranking on search engines and help you increase your leads. The more popular long-tail keywords you have, the better. But remember, you can’t rank for every long-tail term you use.

Evergreen content

To rank for popular keywords, your evergreen content must provide real value to your audience. For example, articles about sailing, fishing, and sea life are unlikely to attract the attention of a company that sells mechanical toys. Alternatively, you could write about your expertise and share it with the masses via social media. Either way, you need to make sure that your evergreen content has a long shelf life.

When writing evergreen content, you should focus on keywords that have the highest search volume. But this does not mean that you should completely avoid low-volume keywords. You must also understand your audience’s intent. They may be looking for a particular topic, but they expect something different from the results they receive when they type in the keyword. For example, if someone types in “car repair,” they might expect to see results containing a wide range of companies offering car repairs.

You can use checklists as evergreen content to promote your franchise. Create one that is useful and informative. Update it occasionally to remove outdated links. It can become a valuable resource for your audience and will give you backlinks in the long run. And since most people have an interest in cars, this is another perfect example of an evergreen piece of content. Once you have created a useful checklist, you can start promoting it to your target audience.

Evergreen content is great for SEO marketing for home service franchises because it can generate traffic and user interest over time. Once it goes live, evergreen content can continue generating traffic for months or even years. You can even use it to generate backlinks for your website. And since it is SEO-friendly, it is an excellent investment. It’s also an ideal tool for multi-channel marketing.

The evergreen concept was derived from the fact that evergreen content remains relevant over time. It’s as relevant a year from now as it was when it was published. And Google rewards high-quality legacy content, which can be months old but is updated frequently. Even blog pages can keep their top spot on Google for years – and this boosts trust and conversions. This approach helps you to achieve success in your SEO marketing for home service franchises.

Local directories

Listing your company in local directories will help you get more customers. They feature your business’ name, address, phone number, and hours of operation, similar to an old-fashioned phone book listing. They can also list your website links, customer reviews, and photos. When customers type in the products and services they need in their area, your listing will appear. In fact, some customers may even go directly to your website.

Listing your business in local directories will help you get more traffic and sales from neighboring customers. Most businesses have no idea where to find these sites, but there are hundreds. Creating listings on hundreds of sites is time-consuming and a hassle for most small businesses. That’s why listing in local directories can be a lifesaver. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

One important tip: make sure the listings are accurate. Make sure your listings are updated and plentiful. If your listings are outdated or contain incorrect information, people will be less likely to find you. Using multimedia helps potential customers get a better idea of what your business is like. When listing on these directories, make sure the information is accurate. Many sites will require you to provide your business information. By doing this, you can boost your visibility and increase sales.

Registering your business on local directories is a great way to attract customers. You can create a page with links to your website and even get customer reviews. These directories are essential for the success of your local marketing efforts. If you don’t list your business in these directories, you’ll miss out on valuable traffic and sales. It’s not enough to be listed on the yellow pages.

Another benefit of using local SEO directories is that consumers don’t notice you are using these directories. They use them all the time. Have you ever used the directory to find a phone number? Perhaps you’ve used your phone’s directory assistance service to get the number you needed? If you run a restaurant, you may have even avoided it because it didn’t have an online presence or good SEO.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Quite possibly the most important thing a local business can do to connect their website to potential customers online is claiming and optimizing their Google Business Profile. Think of it as the doorman that guides passersby to your business in both organic and the coveted Google Maps Rankings.

Claiming the profile and filling out the basic information simply is not enough. Google gives you the opportunity to tell it almost everything about your business that a customer would want to know, and they give you multiple ways to link the customer to your website to make a purchase or schedule an appointment, instantly get directions to your doorstep, or call / text you – to name a few. Not providing or keeping this information up to date can easily keep you from ranking well and being found exactly when customers are searching for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when completing your profile and how to continually use it to market your business:

  1. Review your NAP(W)* information and ensure it is correct and matches your website to the letter.
  2. Add your business description and main business category
  3. Always respond to customer reviews
  4. Add your products and services (and link them to the related page on your web site)
  5. Upload photos of your business
  6. Post updates frequently

    *Name Address Phone Website

Optimizing your Google My Business Profile is one of the most important steps you can take to increase your business’ visibility and reach online. By following the tips outlined in this blog, you’ll be well on your way to a better online presence. Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to get a free audit report of your web site AND your GBP!

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