Properties of the webgraph
– The degree distribution of the webgraph differs from the Erdős–Rényi model.
– In the Erdős–Rényi model, there are few large degree nodes compared to the webgraph.
– The precise distribution of the webgraph is unclear.
– The degree distribution of the webgraph can be described by a lognormal distribution.
– The Barabási–Albert model is also used to describe the degree distribution of the webgraph.

Applications of the webgraph
– The webgraph is used for computing the PageRank of web pages.
– It is also used for computing personalized PageRank.
– The webgraph can be used to detect web pages of similar topics through graph-theoretical properties like co-citation.
– It is used to identify hubs and authorities in the web for the HITS algorithm.

References related to the webgraph
– P. Erdős and A. Renyi published a paper on the degree distribution of the webgraph.
– Meusel et al. analyzed the graph structure of the web on different aggregation levels.
– Clauset et al. studied power-law distributions in empirical data, including the webgraph.
– Barabási and Albert published a paper on the emergence of scaling in random networks, which is relevant to the webgraph.
– S. Brin and L. Page published a paper on computer networks and ISDN systems, which is related to the webgraph.

External links to webgraph resources
– Webgraphs in Yahoo Sandbox.
– Webgraphs at University of Milano – Laboratory for Web Algorithmics.
– Webgraphs at Stanford – SNAP.
– Webgraph at the Erdős Webgraph Server.
– Web Data Commons – Hyperlink Graph.

Categories related to the webgraph
– Internet search algorithms.
– Application-specific graphs.
– Articles with short description.
– Short description is different from Wikidata.  Source:

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