Introduction and Features of Google Voice Search
– Google Voice Search is a product developed by Google that allows users to search by speaking on their mobile phone or computer.
– It was initially named Voice Action and was available only for the U.S. English locale.
– Later, it became recognizable and replied to in multiple languages, including American, British, and Indian English, Filipino, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
– Google Voice Search can be used on both mobile phones and desktop PCs.
– It was merged with Google Now in Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) and introduced a new feature in August 2014, allowing users to choose up to five languages.

Google Voice Search on
– On June 14, 2011, Google announced the rollout of Voice Search on
– The support was initially available only for the Google Chrome browser.
– Users could use Voice Search to make Google queries by calling a specific number and speaking their search keywords.
– The service has been shut down, but other Google products like GOOG-411, Google Maps, and Google Mobile App utilize speech recognition technology.
– Google Voice Search on iOS was compared favorably to Siri, providing quick and relevant results.

Google Mobile App with voice search
– The Google Mobile app for Blackberry and Nokia mobiles allows users to search Google by voice.
– It was introduced on Google Experience Android phones with the 1.1 platform update.
– Voice Search was added to Google Mobile App on iPhone and later extended to iPod touch.
– T-Mobile launched the MyTouch 3G with Google, featuring one-touch Google Voice Search.
– The functionality requires a third-party microphone.

Google Voice Search in YouTube
– Since March 2010, Google Voice Search has been used on YouTube to provide automatic text caption annotations for videos.
– This feature is primarily aimed at the hearing-impaired.
– It is currently available only for English-speaking users.
– The beta-grade derivation of Voice Search helps when annotations are not provided.
– The feature enhances accessibility and user experience on YouTube.

Related Information
– Google Voice Search handles multiple languages, with 20% of mobile search queries being done through voice.
– Google Voice Search has been introduced in various languages, including Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Latin American Spanish, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern languages, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Danish.
– Other voice assistants like Microsoft Cortana and Siri are related to Google Voice Search.
– References and additional information about Google Voice Search can be found in external links.
– Google Voice Search is a significant development in voice recognition technology, improving search capabilities for users.  Source:

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